In God’s Time

Well, technically, the day of alleged Rapture has come and gone. But having been on the planet for 60+ years, I’ve been through these alleged end times more than once.

There’s always that gut wrenching acknowledgement of the possibility, like “Oh, s- – -! I’m so not ready yet. Does it have to be now? Then the more spiritually correct recovery of “Well, it’s Your universe and Your call.”

Yes, some of us who are believers have doubts and misgivings about leaving here, even though our beliefs and love are said to guarantee our ticket to Heaven. You see, many of us can see Heaven right here where we are – on a good day. And we don’t believe in throwing away the challenge of making it better – even though the Bible insists that God will eventually have to call “Time”.

This won’t be due to some religious leader’s interpretation of the Bible. And woe be those who would profit from being prophets, manipulating and misleading believers.

Having survived several months in a Christian cult (pre-Jonestown) and experiencing how easy it is to be brainwashed when you a) believe you’re in spiritually reliable company and b) that where there’s God, there’s protection and safety from evil agendas, I now trust nobody on the planet to make a call on God’s behalf. The “End Time” will be the end time when it gets here.

I once sent a cartoon to a converted Christian friend of mine when he started going off about this topic.

In the cartoon, a group of people’s hands are pointing toward the sky. A basketball falls down from the heavens and bounces onto the basketball court. The hands stay pointing at the sky. The ball continues to bounce. The hands never falter as they continue to point heavenward. Out of the clouds, God calls “Time!”

This is my vision of why God will have to intervene – those believers who could help change the world will keep waiting for God to show up and “fix” and punish the evil and its doers, so they can escape to the sky and leave the altered Garden of Eden (that they also helped alter) to those less righteous and saved than themselves.

And they’d feel totally absolved in doing so, leaving all non-believers and other spiritual ne’er-do-wells behind to receive their just desserts in a final apocalyptic flambé. Probably each of us feels we know at least one person who’s earned a reserved hot seat when the End Time comes. And no question, some have.

However, we all own a piece of the evil here, either by ignoring or ducking it, or allowing it a place in our daily activities because – hey, you can’t be cool AND righteous. So we all pick our paths of marginal goodness, our nearly righteous choices and allow others theirs. And even though it’s important to co-exist, this should by no means encourage us to look the other way when we as a society get it waaaayyyyy wrong by indulging our various appetites and accept whatever the current trends and levels of ethical and/or social behavior are – regardless of what would serve the highest good of all people.

Since we’ve gotten at least one more day to fix the evil ourselves, let’s give a thought to how we spend our moments. Are we making choices for ourselves at the expense of others’ needs? Being elitist in our social interactions with others? Mentally disallowing the validity of those who are less attractive, successful, cool, etc. to be on the same planet as us? Judging others to be less worthy as human beings because of our own religious beliefs?

FYI, in case anybody’s forgotten the Universe’s original backstory, God created EVERYTHING! That would mean that each being – regardless of species, gender orientation, religious or political affiliation – is here by the hand and choice and design of God. You got a problem with that, tell Him (or Her) about it. It’s not your job to judge.

And the next time we’re watching tv, playing a video game, seeing a movie, engaging in a sexual or subversive activity of choice, ignoring something we could be doing for the good of many, let’s ask ourselves “what if God called “Time” right now?”

This exercise is not a fear-based suggestion, but one to increase our awareness of how often we blow off evil and our highest good to our baser natures ‘cuz it makes us cooler or feels more awesome or we don’t believe in our own spiritual power to change ourselves or the things around us. Meanwhile, the rest of the world goes to hell until our attention span comes back to the cosmic good in our natures and we make a choice inclusive of others’ needs.

 Hey, nobody’s perfect. Just sayin’. Before “Time’s” up. God’s Time – you know?


About kristisez

I am a writer/photographer with multiple projects and leanings. Most of my topics and content are generated from my own circumstances - either then or now. I love beauty, color and stories with heart, depth and spirit. These are the elements I attempt to include in all my work. Explore for yourself what I'm about when you read my blog.
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