BREAKING NEWS World Goes PTSD for the Holidays

Well  ho, ho, ho  If you thought the world had PTSD before, here comes the holiday version. And now more than ever, God’s reminding us to be – to stay in the moment.

Escalations in Gaza and other places, Mayan calendar countdown. It doesn’t matter ‘cause it’s about the now and what we can do and be for each other in this moment.  Your own moments or someone else’s – we are all in each other’s moment at this moment in time. The future crystallized and immutable as we count minutes, days, stars – the calendar of the universe spinning aboard our planet to the next phase in humanity’s evolution.

What good are any of us to ourselves or each other if we’re on constant alert and all that’s going on in our world in this moment is a cup of coffee, or another batch of memos to write or read. Maybe it’s a load of laundry or cooking a meal. Okay, so maybe it’s driving somewhere which can certainly feel PTSD, but if you get where you’re going safely, why not disengage from the potential and embrace the actual of the moment you’re in?

Ever look at your moment while in that moment? Like this one. Any snipers in the room? Any signs of impending doom – other than those ancient apocalyptic predictions. Stay tuned – again  We’re all still here, the sun came up. And as we breathe the air, drink our coffee and consider our options for each day, let’s remember the holidays bring us closer to more than just the best of what we can afford to buy. They bring us – at least hopefully – toward the best of what we can be in our collective human spirit.

At this time of year, the disenfranchised people in our society and around the world become more palpable in our thoughts. Concerns for our own well being and status make room for those who have less.

PTSD or no, we are all we’ve got going on in this moment. And we are all we’ve got to get us to the next. Those of us driving or walking by the ones who live out of shopping carts and backpacks can feel more elevated by our circumstance, but the truth is these “cast off” members of society, now more than ever, teach us to live in the now like none of us have ever considered before. They and we are each other’s best moment. Now and in the future – whatever that is for all of us – regardless of what our temporal level of comfort is.

Whether Heaven overtakes the world and redeems us here or elsewhere, there is not a moment to waste in being each other’s grace, forgiveness and peace. In keeping with the holiday spirit and all peaceful intentions, let us let go of worrying about the future or plugging in to the anxiety-laden content of the web. Afraid we’ll be led astray or victimized if we don’t stay current and sufficiently under the influence of what we willingly force feed our brains.

With God’s grace and our universal will to rise above fear and selfish choices, we can choose to breathe and hold each other in the light of human kindness and acceptance, giving up judging and punishing those who have different beliefs than ours.

After all, God made everyone here. Let’s forget about changing His plan and be more concerned with how we all fit in to it.

However each of us celebrates this time of year, may our PTSD be light, may our holidays and hearts be bright, and may all of our lives be worthy in His sight. From me to you, Merry Christmas. And blessings on your holiday of belief. Lastly, Amen to us all


About kristisez

I am a writer/photographer with multiple projects and leanings. Most of my topics and content are generated from my own circumstances - either then or now. I love beauty, color and stories with heart, depth and spirit. These are the elements I attempt to include in all my work. Explore for yourself what I'm about when you read my blog.
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