If I am suddenly gone, among the many who will also be gone, then you’ll know I was one who believed in the New Testament and Jesus’ teachings – that no one gets into Heaven except through their confession of belief in him as the Son of God, that all wrongdoings and evil will be forgiven you upon confessing your belief. This belief will be what allowed me and the others to rise away from those who do not hold such beliefs.
This is not my program, just my belief. I’m not the Management and I don’t know all the reasons why God may still have chosen to make it this way. I hold out  hope that others will also be allowed to join us, but know what the teachings of the New Testament say, and must in good conscience share in advance what the one simple  requirement is – believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that no one gets to Heaven except through their confession of belief in him as God’s son and, of course that he alone transcended death and died for our sins.
Reasons why I might still be here include that my view of this original precept has broadened to include the possibility that what Jesus was telling us had more to do with the physics of creating positive spiritual energy through our actions and thoughts rather than by a single belief connecting us to the Maker of the Universe. If this is so, then those who have embodied the Light as Jesus did may also be joining  his original band of true believers. But FYI, this is not what the Bible’s content says.
My journey here has not been one of ‘holier than thou’ because I don’t believe it was Jesus’ message. Parroting Biblical scriptures, however eloquently or threateningly, or using Christianity as a means to prove one’s spiritual superiority is not the same thing as living the principles of Christianity. Jesus’ message was not just about what he said, but about the things he chose to do with his time while on Earth. And the people he chose to do those things with and for. Not just his inner circle, but pretty much any of God’s children who were in need of spiritual or physical sustenance and healing.
This is how I have tried to live my life, some days and periods of time more successfully than others. If you knew me or met me during one of those less than stellar times, my apologies. My intention has always been to be as kind and helpful as I can, to be there for others as often as possible.
If you and I wrangled,  it most likely was because I perceived you to be less than conscionable about your behavior and/or choices; that your human Q was somehow lacking or absent in the moment – or maybe skewed in favor of your gender and resulting agendas thereof. Overbearing senses of entitlement and/or abusive behavior of any kind were at the top of my flashpoint ‘don’t go there’ list.
In my younger years I tended to view this human Q shortfall as intentional on the part of others, and took it personally. It didn’t occur to me until later in life that maybe they were doing or thought they were doing the best they could at the time. We all need to be on that page a little more often, rather than discarding someone immediately to the Judgment pile when they’re not plugged in to being their highest selves.
I mean, look  around you. How many of us get up in the morning with daily aspirations and intentions  to be our highest selves? Or are fortunate enough to work or be around people with that mindset? Most of us spend our early mornings becoming awake enough to deal with getting ourselves to work and our kids to school. The rest of the day is spent catching up with where we should be with little time left to attend to our spiritual sides. Then the day is done – again.
That doesn’t mean our highest selves won’t show up when called upon, but generally it’s not a conscious  part of our day. Or it feels antithetical and/or counter-intuitive to offer your highest self when the mode at hand is more like “shark frenzy” and you’re just trying to survive the food chain moment.
I’ve heard some pretty wild tales lately. Conjectures that Jesus used a double on the cross or didn’t actually die but nearly did, and that’s how he appeared to rise from the dead when they let him down from the cross. Writings have been found that indicate Jesus moved on to other civilizations in other parts of the world to spread his teachings. Dunno. Wasn’t there.
What I do know from what was written is that he harmed no one while he was here. He took down a temple full of moneychangers but who on a Divinely authorized spiritual mission wouldn’t? And he set an example of kindness, charity and spiritual resolve that has endured, inspired and sustained a body of believers for over two millenia. We even still celebrate his birthday – although this year we might leave the planet before the actual day. But the reason for the season remains, whatever one’s beliefs.
Who knows? The Mayans could have gotten it wrong. They were in their own moment,  not ours a thousand or so years later. Or those currently pointing to dates and times in the Universe could be mistaken as well. Remember, God said he wasn’t tipping His hand in advance. Nobody knows when for sure. We just have to stay tuned and be in this moment right now. And whenever possible, be our highest selves because it makes God happy for us to live that way. By giving His son to walk among us, it’s what He intended us to learn how to do. Living in the Light keeps Darkness at a distance and raises us up to Him. Being the Light transforms all who achieve it. When we manifest it on a daily basis, it transforms all those around every Light-filled being.
The only enemies Jesus left behind were the ones who felt their power and influence threatened. The time we’re in is no different should all of his followers leave the planet at once. And as we go, taking our Light with us, it won’t be the first time in recent memory that Darkness will happen in broad daylight and with all the lights on. As with any mind-boggling, catastrophic occurrence, It may be a while before anyone left behind here can generate or restore the Light within themselves or seek the Light with so much Darkness around them and at them.
Whether I am on the roster for boarding the Beyond, or still here and struggling to hold forth the Light, my prayers and thoughts will be with those who remain here. It’s about learning to rise above Darkness and, Biblically speaking, Jesus is the only one on record who successfully made the journey. Through the Light he manifested while here, he transcended death and his place in time. In other words, he achieved his highest self. But then that was his mission.
Whether or not we choose to accept it, that is our mission as well – to become our highest selves. No internet, status or money required. Just our game face and understanding that, when it comes to Eternity and which side we’re on, the Game Changer ain’t playin’.
Could be that after waiting an Eternity for a team that could keep the Spirit ball in play, He’s decided our love of free will and selfish, sorry pursuits leave him only one choice: to call the game – and Time.


About kristisez

I am a writer/photographer with multiple projects and leanings. Most of my topics and content are generated from my own circumstances - either then or now. I love beauty, color and stories with heart, depth and spirit. These are the elements I attempt to include in all my work. Explore for yourself what I'm about when you read my blog.
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