Road Rage – Democratic Style

Lonnnnng week in getting back here. Try two weeks now. Almost a third.

Started a couple of posts. Didn’t like either of them. Then the mid-term elections came.

I was ready to post my opinion and angst but realized it wouldn’t have much credibility since I hadn’t managed to vote. Yeah, I’m one of them! Hadn’t planned on being part of the “them” contingency. But Texas pulled the photo i.d. crap and I didn’t want to give up my California driver’s license just in case I go back before it expires next September. If I’d understood the process of getting a provisional ballot, I suppose I could have managed that. But by then, it was voting eve which segued into a voting day of heavy rainfall, and me without a car. I would’ve walked the two miles to the polls and at least attempted to impress them with my other documentation along with my California i.d., but logistically and meteorologically speaking I’d been trumped.

FYI, I don’t give up easily. First, because it’s not my nature to do so. Second, because I will give myself endless crap for doing so. Therefore, I just don’t go there unless circumstance overwhelms my stubbornness. Now there’s a formidable match I hardly ever lose!

Having said that, I regret not walking the four miles roundtrip in the rain on the chance that I could’ve voted or at least been able to say I had attempted to vote, even though statistically it didn’t matter. Because it’s my nature to do what’s in my heart to accomplish. BIIIIIIGGG pile-up here lately! Probably where all my stubbornness of late comes from.

Which brings me to my current week – coming up with a plan to get me moving up my road again. Maybe letting go or doing away with those items I no longer choose to have along for the ride. If it’s still possible to learn better discipline and decisiveness to improve my “drive time”, this is my new mantra and goal.

I say this following a five minute bout with decision making over an escaped cricket I found in the laundry room, wondering if I should put him back in the holding tank for the frogs’ food supply and certain death, or release him outside to a new environment of cold and less certain hazards. I opted for the cage, reasoning I could pick him out from the current herd of tinier crickets in the morning, and then put him outside when it’s warmer. Then I remembered crickets can and do eat each other when their other food options are less desirable.  Have I mentioned my other tendency to overthink everything? Sigh!

So it’s now the next day and I’m back to the original pile-up of unfinished projects, having removed the found cricket to the outdoors after discovering several deceased smaller crickets in the feeder tank this morning.

Sigh. Believe it or not, this is about my sixth try at finishing this post. It is now the following evening and I want to end this by saying that the rage I’m referring to in the title is the inner disquiet that simmers and watches as America’s status quo gets mashed down, altered, reclassified, redefined, repurposed and sold out from under us.

The eruption must come because  there’s no way left to hold it back. We have been left with no alternative path except to speak and, if needed, rage because the status quo has been irrevocably broken and all that’s left is our resolve and commitment to reclaim what has been stealthfully taken from us. Perhaps from laziness or inattentiveness or fear of risk and reprisals, but we now recognize it’s time to demand that we return to a government that respects and values all of its citizens and listens and follows our mandates and agendas, not a government of leaders who dismiss us and their sworn duties.

This is my commitment to carry forward as peacefully as possible the original values and agenda of this great nation. I look forward to once again feeling that our greatness is in our citizens’ commonality and willingness to serve and protect one another’s freedoms and rights. The time of silence for our collective disquiet is at an end because if we don’t speak now and take a constitutional stand, there will be nothing left to save.

God bless Senators Warren and Sanders and any other legislators who understand, value and uphold the U.S. constitution for all of us. Now it’s all of us who must stand up and support them as we reclaim and rebuild the country we love.


About kristisez

I am a writer/photographer with multiple projects and leanings. Most of my topics and content are generated from my own circumstances - either then or now. I love beauty, color and stories with heart, depth and spirit. These are the elements I attempt to include in all my work. Explore for yourself what I'm about when you read my blog.
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