Survival: Ending Support of Psychopathic Behaviors

“Well, in case you haven’t seen the videos or the website that features them, somebody has outed the Emperors and all their cronies. We’re talking global stripdown!

Peace activist/commentator and former U.S. Marine Ken O’Keefe has laid to rest any doubts we might have had that our government and those of the U.K., Israel and others have any interest in “dressing for peace”. And their daily operation of our respective countries is at the manipulation and direction of whoever the ruling “Cash Kings” are. Hint: one up from and possibly including the known richest of the rich.

So, as we cling to whatever vestiges we have left of living a normal, “safe” existence within the confines of our own country, our actual rulers in some secret, undisclosed location count their money and gear up to reap even more.  Their influence and control of our overly receptive “mediaheads” keep the real hand of world poker being bloodily played hidden from view. And our part in the game is to just not notice how completely we continue to be duped.

Reports of heads rolling at the discretion of ISIS and other Western-funded terrorist organizations have successfully kept the feeling of “over there” over there until now. Now we as a country are having our eyes opened to how we’ve been “Ground Zero” for the other colossally successful game of “Who’s Got the Cheese?” played at the expense of everyone but the ones holding on to it and bartering off pieces of it to keep us in check.

Some of you may be in the mindset of “As long as they keep the cheese coming!” but a rat wheel is a rat wheel, and the King Rat – whoever it is – is loading the global “cheese” manufacture, distribution and supply in his and his facilitators’ favor. I say ‘he’ because other than “that time of the month”, most women have a higher agenda than world domination at the expense of everyone else on the planet. So, my money – such as it is – is on the male gender.

More important than gender, though, is the fact that we are dealing with a world class gang of psychopaths controlling the world’s population through manipulation of fear, food, money, media and murder. Who’s to hold them accountable now that they’ve been outed? Us.

How? By recognizing that nothing in our existence will be worth preserving or upholding until we stand together to uphold our laws and our country; realizing that we can no longer go home and tune out the economic, societal and governmental interference in our lives by tuning in “American Idol” or other sources of entertainment. It’s down to us to save our country, our world, our natural resources and whatever standard of living we have left before nothing remains of our freedoms for ourselves or our future generations.

This post is a call to rethink our status quo, to quit accepting the official version of local and world events and to, as Watergate’s “Deep Throat” once advised, “follow the money”. The only thing that keeps the power centered where and how it is, is our continued cooperation and acceptance, our belief that we have no power of our own to transcend our current circumstances and psychological strictures.

We can reclaim our right to governmental transparency as well as call out those who use our government and other world powers as their tools for political and financial gain.

All it requires is for each of us to acknowledge that trusting psychopaths to mind our cheese is a chicken rat’s game. It’s time to take a stand for ourselves, our country and our global neighbors – before the  “cheese” stands alone.

For the video referenced here on Ken ‘OKeefe, please visit:

For more commentary by Ken O’Keefe and others on this topic as well as other global perspectives, please visit


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