Hangin’ in God’s ‘Hood – So Far

Dig it. This is the second half of my “In God’s Place” post. This is to address that “Hey, if it’s cool, we rule!” ‘tude. You know, maybe it’s not so cool. Or maybe a bunch of us think it’s cool and because we’re closest to the mic or the front of the room or the podium, or the first on camera or in line, we say it’s cool ‘cuz nobody else is in a position to contradict or diss us. THAT DOESN”T MEAN IT’S COOL! Whatever “it” happens to be. You guys know the drill – either because you’re used to calling something “cool” (sometimes to cover your butt or because you don’t want your momentary lapse of hipness to show) or you’re still hoping to be first in line, etc.

Since I last posted, it’s come to my attention that our lack of hipness as a planet is way overdue for a course correction, like NOW! I recognize there are those who still believe the End Times predicted and referenced in the Bible are an unmovable outcome of the direction we take and, with the recent turn of events, who could really argue that we’re not already up against that very moment when God descends His energy for the final Smackup and Smackdown respectively?

But there’s a part of me that believes the End Times and Revelation are not unmovable. Like so many other outcomes of our free will, God’s waiting for us to handle the situation we’ve created for ourselves. Waiting for God to do it for us seems pretty “high school”. My take on it since my 30’s is that God’s given us a road map and an Outcome “A” with all the signs of what the End Times will look like. Sure, we can hang out and let “Dad” fix it. Or we could say “Oh, wow! We’re at that point! Time to clean our rooms and straighten up what we’ve screwed up BEFORE “Dad” has to fix it!”

I mean, you’d think with so many people around the globe being “performance conscious” when it comes to sports and the workplace that more than a few of us would make the connection and commitment to better handle and treat our natural resources and each other.

Self-destructing on a global scale over which is the right God to worship, and committing heinous acts like beheadings and funding of foreign insurgencies for any reason much less that of religious homage or corporate protectionism is not going to win over God or anyone else on this planet. And, please don’t forget, God IS watching! You can’t fake being cool with Him – or Her. And messing up God’s house, condoning or facilitating evil – however well intended – seems decidedly counterintuitive if the objective of your activity is to prove your superior worth as part of Creation!

So, as we come up to yet another week of doing and being on the planet, let’s keep a mental eye on the sky as we make our daily choices.

Regardless of how close we are to the front of the room or how well we decide for others which path of action or hipness to follow, let’s remember that “God/Allah/Yahweh/Mohammed/Buddha/Krishna/Wakan Taka/Mother Universe/Tao/Shiva/Vishu, etc.” is watching us – ALL of us, no matter what our religious persuasion or unpersuasion – ‘cuz we’re all part of His (or Her) Creation. Let’s all agree to act accordingly for a change. Okay?



About kristisez

I am a writer/photographer with multiple projects and leanings. Most of my topics and content are generated from my own circumstances - either then or now. I love beauty, color and stories with heart, depth and spirit. These are the elements I attempt to include in all my work. Explore for yourself what I'm about when you read my blog.
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