Choice: The Difference

On the spectrum of right to wrong, we all have a voice and a choice of where and when to engage with our world.

Some of us keep reality at arm’s length, engaging only as is absolutely required by circumstances as they affect us. Others might be more proactive and seek out within the community or a larger arena the opportunity to address and effect significant change. But we all must stand, be present and, willingly or not, be counted in the outcome of how we engage with our world.

Choosing to matter, to be the difference is a mindset, a consciousness to be considerate, proactive and responsible, taking in the larger picture of humanity and our connection to it and resolving to be “all in” when the situation or dilemma calls for it. Or we can be the anti-choice of domination and suppression of the many for the benefit and enrichment of the few.

There are many such situations around the world right now. Our menu selections play out on the evening news each night. Whether the situation is local or on the other side of the planet, not only can we be the change we need to see, but we can also be the difference between right and wrong, fair and foul, humane and heinous.

A vibe of change is coming through in unexpected places. Most recently we watched the Oscars and heard some of the acceptance speeches go political; and then there was the celebration of civil rights history revisited on the Edmund Pettis bridge. Out of both these events sprang forth epic clarity of thought in heartfelt pronouncements of facts featured center stage and broadcast worldwide. Beautiful!

So how do we translate uplifting moments such as these into enhancements of our own daily actions and choices?

By honoring and upholding what we know to be right.

Stopping bullies whether classroom or corporate. Refusing to indulge their behavior then hold them accountable for it. Recognizing that when our congressional representatives honor profit and power over the interests and needs of the citizens they serve, it’s time to send them home from Capitol Hill and pull the plug on their “Gain Train”.

With all our governmental systems now functioning in a way that’s counterintuitive to the synergistic flow of our country’s human and natural resources, it’s time to mandate a change for the common good of all U.S. citizens. Voting, of course, is the ultimate equalizer for this. But we can also choose to pay it forward through local and global community action and advocacy.

Let’s all let go of the “remote” option that, channel by channel, keeps us in our living rooms escaping or neutralizing our everyday realities. Instead, let’s choose to embrace the promise and the possibilities of each other, and the chance for us to share a united vision of what the U.S. and the world can be.

Let’s all change our channel to be the difference – because our future is all about what we choose.



About kristisez

I am a writer/photographer with multiple projects and leanings. Most of my topics and content are generated from my own circumstances - either then or now. I love beauty, color and stories with heart, depth and spirit. These are the elements I attempt to include in all my work. Explore for yourself what I'm about when you read my blog.
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