Something New In Global Warfare

World War III? No doubt – at some point. But why use the same-o same-o weapons of mass destruction, hand-to-hand combat, slicing and dicing opposing religions, races, etc. Been there, done that, ya know?

I mean why feed the ordnance companies and governments who profit from promoting discord and territorial smackdowns at the expense of those who want to get along? I refer to points made in previous blog posts as a reminder that . . .


So where do we get off blowing up or dissing anyone or anything?!

I say we have a global Prayer-A-Thon. EVERYBODY is welcome to participate, regardless of their religion (or lack of), persuasion, ethnicity, culture, country, gender, disability (political or otherwise) and pray (or think) our enemies into submission.

I’m not saying be stupid about it. Some of us would have to stand guard keeping an eye out for those who will choose not to attend and instead attempt to dishonor the summit and its participants. What I do propose is that we need to hold those who are anti-Creation accountable for using their religion, politics and/or greed for power for the destruction of the planet and its peoples, resources, etc.

This could get uncomfortable for certain parties who feel they’ve got a ‘slam dunk’ approval rating from the One above, because the Summit would disallow ANY disallowing of ANY part of God’s Creation. And likewise, it will not indulge ANY anti-Creation behavior.

Prayer List. Sigh.

Due to the number of global offenders and the situations they’ve created, we’d have to limit this first summit to maybe the top 20. Make it a 24-hour summit with each of theTop 20 having at least one hour of prayer directed at them. I think ISIS should get at least two hours, maybe three since it will probably take at least the first hour to stay prayerful and positive that anything short of their annihilation is even a possibility.

Maybe start the summit with ISIS and finish it with them as well. Bookend the bullies of God’s Creation in a massive Mass of spiritual attention and accountability for presuming their heinous acts against humanity are somehow spiritually sanctioned and, dare we say, blessed by our Creator. Don’t think so, guys! Creation is not annihilation. And spirituality is about love not condemn – okay, fine. So you and other religious groups have similar things to work on.

I say Prayer Summit, not because it can solve everything or break up all the corporate and power monopolies but because it’s a place to start. The right place to start.

Let’s shift the focus from our fear of what these entities do to us, and how we self-capitulate our thoughts and actions through their mind-numbing tactics, information and acts we witness and feed our brains. Instead, let’s honor those of us who put the peace of the planet first. Let’s witness our numbers and the resulting cosmic energy our collective life force can release upon this planet when we all agree to give that collective energy to honor, respect and protect God’s Creation. It will always come first. Before any of us or any of our attempts and agendas to tip God’s hand in our favor.

Imagine a world where the Creation we inhabit comes first. Imagine a global people who choose honoring life and resources and each other first. Imagine who we’ll become and what our planet will look like. Imagine it.

Just imagine – and pray.


About kristisez

I am a writer/photographer with multiple projects and leanings. Most of my topics and content are generated from my own circumstances - either then or now. I love beauty, color and stories with heart, depth and spirit. These are the elements I attempt to include in all my work. Explore for yourself what I'm about when you read my blog.
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