The Supreme Religion

Imagine you’re the Supreme Being of a universe that’s got amazing landscapes and creatures, running water and ocean tides, bright blue skies and a never ending wealth of  forests, trees and every kind of flower, fruit and vegetable possible. And You’re the Author and Creator of it all.

But Your loneliness is getting to You. So You create some people who beget people who beget more people. No problem. Plenty of food and water for everyone – except they won’t leave well enough alone. They start tweaking with Your Creation. And coming up with religions about You. Ways to feel more entitled to call You their Supreme Being to the exclusion of all other religions on the planet.

And, more to the point, NONE of them honor Your whole creation as You created and purposed it to be. They ALL want to repurpose what You’ve created and given freely to them, and charge one another for usage, access, ownership; etc. and then punish those who don’t comply with their ideologies, rules, wills and rates.

Your Creation is now a free-for-all that’s costing You a Universe. What do You do?

You send a sign. Pretty basic. Someone who understands Your will and what Your original purpose was. Someone who will uphold Your will over their own and everyone else’s, especially those who’ve chosen non-compliance and THEIR natural order of the Universe.

Before You assign this one person the job, You make sure the people are paying attention. You recruit only three wise men to go on this mission. Small groups are more focused, easier to keep on task. You find an out of the way place for birthing this bright being of hope and promise who’ll set the Supreme’s example to all humankind. But advance word still gets out. I mean, angels – or anyone with a horn – showing up with messages is kind of hard to keep quiet. It could make an emperor and an army feel nervous and not as powerful as a Supreme Being.

So now, the problem You set out to fix has become another problem. Not everybody believes this person is sent from You. He goes along doing Your will, and encouraging others to love one another. He even sets a good example of this over and over and over again. He also shows his magical powers from You,  like healing and water into wine and one fish into a multitude to feed a multitude – so everyone would get it and understand that You meant for everyone to be supportive and honor your Creation as You intended it to be – loving and peaceful since there was enough of everything for everybody.

Sure, You had sent earlier beings to be examples among the people You created. And they became revered over time; and they were remembered and honored for their connection and reverence to You.

But this time, You thought for sure people would get it. That it’s not about division or exclusion, finger pointing or imagining that any one of themselves was more loved or revered than the one sent by You to be the example, But just like the ones before this one, people started comparing their spiritual correctness or lack thereof to those who made this being’s walk about separation instead of inclusion. About using the wonder of his works to create doubt and separation and betrayal and death from the peoples he came to help. And yes, You pretty much knew it would happen and, because You figured it would turn out this way, You got the rap that you “foretold” it.

So what’s a Supreme Being to do? It’s a whole two millennia later and the people You birthed before and since – so You could be less lonely – have gone and screwed up the whole Universe You created!

And because You predicted the End would come from all the religions of the world still not getting it, nobody has yet figured out that maybe we could choose to correct our course as Your people, and not make it necessary for You to call “Time”. Maybe we could collectively decide that our free will is good for something besides entitling ourselves to our favorite foods, vices and belongings or worshipping our individual versions of You  by punishing, killing or diminishing those who believe differently.

What’s so hard  to get about loving each other? Guess it’s because there’s no tangible getting in giving love. Real love is free of charge. And if we quit charging each other for everything else, that’s all we would ever need. Now there’d be a plan!

Imagine it. Us giving You hope for a change! And hey, Who’s Creation is it, anyway, ya know?



About kristisez

I am a writer/photographer with multiple projects and leanings. Most of my topics and content are generated from my own circumstances - either then or now. I love beauty, color and stories with heart, depth and spirit. These are the elements I attempt to include in all my work. Explore for yourself what I'm about when you read my blog.
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