Launch A-Coming!


Here comes the pic! Gonna smile pretty for the camera and relaunch my book “Great Falls, Virginia!”

Gotta update that ‘stiff as a board’ photo of me on the back of the previous book jacket. Actually, the book jacket is pretty much staying the same. But my pic will change to update the cooler, more relaxed me. New, cooler hair anyway.

So, if you’re following the new trend of revisiting the 70’s or going there for the first time, check out my book. It’s a true fiction novella of my young years as told to my daughter after one of her girlfriends was killed by her boyfriend just before high school graduation. It served as a reminder that some of my own choices just beyond my high school years could have led to a similar outcome.

Dedicated in part to Roberta, my daughter’s friend, the novella covers events from the early to mid-70’s describing the characters in my life and the choices I made that sealed my fate in the short term. But by the end of the book, it gave me the tools and understanding to live differently.

I’m still putting together the content for the novella’s Facebook page. It’s been and will be re-uploaded onto Amazon’s Kindle by the end of this week.

To new ‘old beginnings’ and sharing my perspective on where I’ve been, and why it’s still relevant so many decades later.


About kristisez

I am a writer/photographer with multiple projects and leanings. Most of my topics and content are generated from my own circumstances - either then or now. I love beauty, color and stories with heart, depth and spirit. These are the elements I attempt to include in all my work. Explore for yourself what I'm about when you read my blog.
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