Got MLK?

Social ID theft crop

In continuing the post of my retro photo rant pieces, next up is related to Monday’s annual homage to Martin Luther King.

It’s on the topic of social identity theft. This is a daily occurrence and it happens not just in front of our eyes, but also in our heads and our hearts. We choose and are conditioned to choose to differentiate between our value and worth as human beings based on our outward appearance. Without ever delving into the content of our characters, we encounter each other and, based on ethnicity, wardrobe and level of physical attractiveness, decide who the person we’re looking at is about and whether or not they’ve got the same value as ourselves.

Unless you do this intentionally, it’s a nanosecond kind of thing so breaking down our tendency to compare another being to ourselves, or even being aware that we’re doing it takes practice. But it’s important to notice that we do because it diminishes the quality of life for all of us. And quality of life is about the soul.

Honoring the souls of one another should be a ‘no brainer’ and yet there’s that “package”, the physical self, that either gets in our way or paves our way. The physical self whose look either inspires us to give over entitlements and/or a societal free pass or whose being invites shallow, dismissive and even socially abusive behavior and withdrawal of opportunities.

Those of us who fall short outwardly may be wearing Technicolor souls within, and those with the Technicolor exteriors may have little else within to recommend their special treatment.

Hence, the post of my seven years old photo rant. Pics were withheld since usage was for exhibit only, not internet.









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